What should I do?


Sometimes it helps when others point out the way, even if the way is well known, signposted and staring one in the face. Like many others who read this blog I am aware that what is most needed to live this one life we have is an attitude of gratitude and a contemplative engagement with the world as it is. But sometimes the desire to change the world, make it better or fight against injustice just gets in the way.

Recently, in an evening meeting with some others, it was a colleague who himself is a very busy person, a committed high school teacher and deputy principal, reminded us all of the need to live our lives mindfully and to be intentional in what we do. It is good to be challenged and encouraged by others.

Just this morning Jack Saunsea, a prolific blogger and a kindred spirit, commented on my post regarding the recent untimely death of composer, John Tavener. I logged on to his blog and was astonished to discover someone who shares similar interests and concerns to myself. I would recommend readers of this blog to pop over to Jack’s blog, Artist of Compassion, and bookmark it. It is an amazing resource for anyone interested in contemplation, mindful living, and reading. Jack has a dream for establishing a contemplation centre in every major city in the world. There is such a centre already in the heart of Dublin. It is called The Living Room, an evocative name based on a subtle and multiple pun. It is not to be confused with the international dance club of the same name (No! I’ve not been there!).

Jack has written a wonderful piece on “What Should I do with my Life?” which you will find here. The “What should I do” question is one that has troubled thinking people from the beginning of time. The quotation from Kant in the graphic for this post captures it well. The starry sky above and the moral law within, both provoking profound questions about ‘what should I be’ and ‘what should I do’. The best thing is, the questions never go away!

Blessings to all!


2 thoughts on “What should I do?

  1. Wow! Thank you for your wonderful citations!

    I am checking out “The Living Room” and thanks for letting me know about it. I am greatly enjoying having made the connection with you in this marvelous world of blogging. I would love to come visit that place in Dublin next year.

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