You’re out of date!


Just now I logged on to my blog for the first time in over a year, I think. A New Year resolution to get back to writing each day has spurred me to me to begin again. As soon as I logged on to the blog dashboard a messaged flashed up: “your browser is out of date”. Since I’m using an old Mac G5 PowerPC I am becoming more used to these premptory messages. You’re out of date. It’s hard not to take it personally. Part of me relishes the excitement of having to ‘beat the system’ by maintaining my old Mac in optimal condition and finding work arounds to do what I need to do.

Enough on that topic. When it comes to tuning up the system in terms of how we live at the personal level, this time of the year always provides a new spur to the imagination and the will. This morning I was struck by the message in my inbox from Zen Habits, one of my ‘go to’ websites for spiritual and lifestyle practices. It was right on the money. Staring me in the face were what we might have called in an older language register ‘my besetting faults’, often the content for a conversation with one’s confessor or spiritual director: procrastination, perfectionism, jealousy, sloth, bad-mouthing people. Some things do not go out of date!

The Zen Habits site had one overall attitudinal perspective to offer, one that resonates strongly with me. Savour life! That’s it, savour life! Slow down! Take the time to be present to your own inner world and to what’s happening around you. Enjoy the pleasure of an empty road on a winter morning.

Brother David Steindl-Rast and the people at the website remind me constantly of how spiritually enlivening it is to have a grateful attitude to life, to savour all of live and all of the things that happen to us as a blessing. Especially the people we meet each day whether friends, work colleagues or just people we run encounter on our daily commute or on the street.

Savouring life leads to slowing down, to living in the present and an openness to the mystery of all that is. As one gets older time appears to just speed up and yet at the end of a day it appears that little has been accomplished. Living in the moment and giving oneself to the task brings about fulfillment (and yes, if you want to use the word, ‘productivity’!).

Living life to the full is about savour each moment as it is given to us. Maybe that’s a lot better than trying weed out the persistent personal faults that have long taken root in our lives.


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