In Galway

I have come by train to Galway this morning (Sunday) to visit my family in Castlegar. The trip was largely uneventful except being the first train since Christmas the crew had not shown up except for the driver. So, there was no train manager (aka controller of tickets etc) and, believe it or not, no refueling crew. We had to stop on the way out of Heuston Station to fuel up. It was like stopping at a Topaz garage off the motorway before heading off. And, also, to my chagrin, there was no food service. Since I had had no breakfast before leaving the house (it being so early in the morning), I was pretty famished by the time I reached Galway at 11.30. Luckily, I had texted my brother, Noel, who made sure that there was some leftover breakfast available for me (a big unhealthy Irish fry-up).

Darragh and Tadhg (and their friend Sean) will be participating in a Leaving Certificate revision programme that we are about to run in house. I shall be responsible for the French component, Gregory for the Maths, and Mum for the Busines Studies/Economics end, as well as chasing up overdue assignments (Geography and Rural Science projects).


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