Happy Christmas and New Year

If anyone out there is still reading this, I wish you a Happy Christmas. I was perusing some blogs this afternoon and the thought came to me that I was once, in a former life, a fervent blogger. In fact, I introduced quite a few people to the art and pleasures of blogging but then, to my shame, realised that I had not blogged in a long time.

I wasn’t altogether sure which platform I had used. Was it LiveJournal or eBlogger? So just on a whim I went over to eBlogger and sure enough my name and password were both intact. So, here I am once again.

On January 4th I start my cardiac rehab programme at James Hospital, Dublin 8. It is not too far away and the walk (or bike ride) there will do me good. The nurse in charge of the programme has told me that the first day will be quite gentle. On January 5th we do a stress test which will really push me to my limits. Hopefully, it will all go well.


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