brother david steindl-rast

Just recently while tidying up my room I came across a copy of David Steindl-Rast‘s book, A Listening Heart. I had read it in the Nineties when I was a member of a spirituality reflection group. It was the word ‘abundance’ that leapt out from the pages at that time. It was a word that has stayed with me ever since. We need to spend each day in gratitude for the abundance of God’s gifts.

Now that I am re-reading this book I am even more convinced of the wisdom of Brother David’s spiritual teaching. It is harmony with so much of our contemporary appropriation of the Universe Story and of the Buddhist call to detachment, gratitude and letting things be. It is called ‘life affirming spirituality’. It finds an echo with me. Especially at this time as I am recovering from what is euphemistically caled a ‘cardiac event’.

For all that is, we give thanks.

For all that is yet to be, we say, let it be.

Creative spirituality for those who believe in the divine call to be creators and dreamers, rather than cynical seekers of self-assertion.


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